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The Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, Aniu (Chen Hing Cheung), Wai Ying Hung starred Singapore Malaysia film THE WEDDING DIARY earlier began a four day three night promotion in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore.  At every stop they attracted over 100 viewers.  The local passion affected Elanne who had a female lead in an overseas film for the first time.

During this promotion, Elanne felt like she was truly getting married as she and her on screen husband Aniu changed into multiple wedding costumes and even arrived in an antique car.  Speaking of their bed scene in the film, they were very embarrassed.  Elanne said, "The film had three bed scenes, during the shoot everyone was very nervous, very embarrassed.  At the premiere, Aniu and I didn't dare to watch the scene again.  We had to cover up with our hands, we didn't dare to watch again until it passed."  Aniu revealed Elanne during the bed scene shoot in order for him to get into his character more easily spray an entire bottle of perfume on him.  During the promotion, Elanne and Aniu both called each other baby and appeared to be as sweet as a couple.  Even the director could not help but say they were disgusting.

In addition, Elanne's on screen mother Wai Ying Hung even announced on behalf of Elanne that if the box office would exceed HK$5 million Elanne would walk naked on the streets.  Elanne did not know how to respond as she answered, "Thank you very much, Ma!"  The crowd laughed.

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