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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) at the end of March will be released.  Both leads Shawn Yue Man Lok and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa looked forward to it very much.  The pregnant Yeung Chin Wa stated that on March 21 she definitely will "apply" to participate in the premiere with her husband.

Chin Wa in the film wore a revealing black dress, which Lok Jai joked that he would never imagine Chin Wa would wear.  In this scene Chin Wa met with her old flame Lok Jai.  He guessed that she would wear a low cut dress but it was a back baring dress that attracted his eyeballs.  This dress was Chin Wa's own.  She said that the team arranged many for her to try but she thought that Chun Giu wanted more, as she should be sexy yet not too deliberate.  She said, "I don't want to bare my chest since there isn't much to see.  So I brought my own dress.  Lok Jai's reaction proved that my decision was right!"

During the shoot they were very focused, except the Spanish dishes on the table distracted him.  Chin Wa and Lok Jai could not help themselves as they sat down and ate whenever the shoot stopped.  The team had to keep ordering to fill in the food that constantly disappeared in extreme speed.  In addition, when they shot in Beijing in one scene Chi Ming went out late with his co-workers; that day the director arranged for 200 extras, most of them were present because they liked director Pang Ho Cheung and knew that Yue Man Lok would be there when they automatically applied.  They were very focused during the shoot.  Instead Lok Jai who felt that he was no longer young was numb to going out at night.

As for Chin Wa who did not go out at night still had fun because she could work while applying a facial mask.  In one scene Chin Wa and her friends chatted while they applied facial masks and ate.

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