Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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Karena Lam Ka Yun yesterday attended the Hong Kong International Film Festival organized Jockey Club Cine Academy press conference as the ambassador woh will promote and encourage film appreciation to young people.  Ka Yun said, "The event will have different forums to encourage young people how to watch movies.  Some knowledge doesn't come from books."

Lam Ka Yun is busy with the play WILD BOAR with Dayo Wong Chi Wa and Liu Kai Chi.  Ka Yun said, "Privately I even make fun of Wong Chi Wa often.  Actually many young girls are his fans and worship him very much."  Ka Yun revealed after completing the 18 show run she will focus on raising her daughter.  Because she is a film worker, she took time for film industry work this time.  Ka Yun said, "Now my daughter comes first, in
the first year the daughter really needs Mama to be around.  Now family would be my first priority."  Ka Yun spent the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong for the first time.  She said that she was very happy to give away laisees and her daughter also received many.  Ka Yun said, "I will save all of my daughter's laisees up, when she grows up I will get them to her."

Yesterday Ka Yun looked a little like when she was first pregnant.  She said that now her daughter is over a year old, knows how to crawl and gradually understands.  She said, "I want to have another but so far I am not yet.  Today I wear more clothes because I am worried that I would get sick during the play's run.  As for children I will take a natural course.  To raise my daughter for now I won't make Mainland movies so I don't have to be out for too long."

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