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Zhang Yimou and THE FLOWERS OF WAR cast yesterday appeared at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday and attended the premiere.  Before that, Zhang Yimou spoke with Xinhua reporters.  THE FLOWERS OF WAR production process was very complex and involved many different languages.  It was a result of people from over 20 nations and places working together.  Zhang Yimou said, "This was a very unique experience.  I believed such an unique experience would be reflected in my work in the future."

This year China had WHITE DEER PLAIN, THE FLOWERS OF WAR and FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE taking part in the film festival.  In addition nine films took part in the short film, panorama and other segments.  Zhang Yimou said, "Actually it should be even more."  He felt that Chinese directors should participate in more international film festivals and said, "Not just Berlin Film Festival, all international
film festivals are very important to Chinese films because they are windows."

Speaking of the old subject of Chinese films "going global", Zhang Yimou said, "This slogan has been shouted for years, but actually any type of cultural product has no shortcut to go global, the key is in good work.  Cultures may be different but the emotions are the same.  As long as good work that stands up in common human emotions can exceed the obstacles of nations, races, geography and culture and go global."  For Chinese films to "step outside", they need even more young directors to touch people with good work.  As for how to create good work, he simply answered, "Everyone should try to do their best."

On the day of the premiere, Zhang Yimou, writer Yan Geling, Ni Ni, Christian Bale, Dong Dawei and others appeared on the film festival red carpet.  Before the premiere, they appeared at the film festival press hall and responded to reporters' questions.  Zhang Yimou said that he chose to make this film because this story was very unique and deeply attracted him.  When asked why he often made his movies from the female perspective, he said, "Maybe because I am a male director."

Some European viewers said that the story seemed excessively cruel, Zhang Yimou said that the facts were much crueler than in the film.  however he hoped this part of history would be able to make people think about and cherish peace.

In addition, the Taiwan film 10+10 representatives earlier arrived in Berlin.  They included directors Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Kevin Chu Yen-Ping, Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Wei Te-Sheng and others.  Yesterday they attended the press conference.  This was Cheung Ngai Ga's fourth Berlin Film Festival.  She said, "Every time I come here it feels more and more cheerful, I also feel younger and younger."

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