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The 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival yesterday officially announced Miriam Yeung Chin Wa as its ambassador again.  She and Shawn Yue Man Lok starred in the Pang Ho Cheung directed new film LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) will be the opening film and the closing film will be the Berlin Film Festival Best Cinematography Silver Bear Prize winner WHITE DEER PLAIN.  Director Peter Chan Ho Sun will be this year's Filmmaker in Focus.

Chin Wa, Ah Lok and Pang Ho Cheung yesterday attended the press conference in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Peter Lam Kin Ngok and Hong Kong International Film Festival Association chair Wong Ying Wai also attended.

Chin Wa revealed that she was over six months pregnant and so far she has gained 16 to 17 pounds.  Her husband Real Ting Chi Ko was no longer as "follow around hubby" but now she started to have sciatic nerve
pain.  Thus she had difficulty going out with friends.  After attending tomorrow's event, the film opening ceremony and LOVE IN THE BUFF premiere she will officially rest.  Since the LOVE production was very tough, she will persist no matter what.

Chin Wa said that lately she has been watching movies at home.  She did not have any taboo even with the kiss scene in LOVE IN THE BUFF because her child in the future will know her mother was an actor.  Chin
Wa said, "At most I would cover my legs if anything.  I am even watching the television series THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH (ON CALL 36 SIU SI) and am reminded of when I was a nurse.  It's pretty realistic, Ma Kwok Ming performs decently.  Right now I am like a canary!  (Have you pretend to roll around in bed?)  I don't sleep well, on the left I crush my heart and on the right my hip hurts.  The company doesn't dare to arrange too much work for me out of fear that I would doze off."

Lok Jai joked that promoting with Chin Wa was rather stressful because he was very worried that she would constantly go to the bathroom, vomit from the pregnancy or even giving birth on the spot.  Has Mr. Ting asked him to take care of her more?  Lok Jai said that went without saying.  He and the director would take care of her.  Seeing Chin Wa overflowing with happiness, has he been tempting to start his own family?
Lok Jai said, "No, who can be as happy as she is.  I really want her to spare me some.  She doesn't need peach blossom, every time you mention I sigh.  When you use up all the peach blossom you wither.  (Have you hidden any and not talk about it?)  I haven't, I am thirty something, if I have I would talk about it."  Lok Jai also said that he has not considered girls of other nationalities.  He was very nervous about his mother communicating with her, so he would like to find someone who spoke the same language.  If they had nothing to talk about it would be quite a bother, as he in the future would like to live with his family.

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