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Shawn Yue Man Lok and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa earlier worked on Valentine's Day card photos for LOVE IN A PUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU) sequel LOVE IN THE BUFF.  They had different impressions of Valentine's Day.  Chin Wa said that as long as her husband was by her side, everyday was Valentine's Day.  Lok Jai said that he would have to work on Valentine's Day so he could not sense the holiday atmosphere anyway.  On the day of the shoot they waved props around on the set.  Chin Wa had a lot of fun, but Lok Jai was very uneasy.  Lok Jai was very afraid of affecting Chin Wa's Dragon baby did not dare to make any sudden move.  Chin Wa however had a lot of fun and made a variety of poses.  Lok Jai however still kept his distance from her.

They picked up flowers for a photo and planned to create Valentine's Day atmosphere.  When Chin Wa picked up flowers she was even bashful, but Lok Jai wielded them like swords.  Would Lok Jai give flowers on Valentine's Day?  He admitted that flowers were very outdated.  He was very afraid of giving flowers.  Even when he did he would not just give random flowers.  He hoped to have a more unique way to express his love.  This year was the first Valentine's Day Chin Wa would spend with her baby.  She said that she would have to make proper arrangements that day, but her husband might surprise her.  Lok Jai said that now work came first, on Valentine's Day he would be working in the Mainland.

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