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The film THE ALLURE OF TEARS (KING SING JI LUEN) premiere took place two nights ago.  Attending actors included Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and others.  Three days ago was Lee Chi Ting's 25th birthday and the event celebrated with cake.  During the event, an umbrella fell from above and the actors all jumped back in fright.  Luckily no one was hurt. Later Siu Chai and Gigi were asked if they cross someone.  Gigi joked that perhaps someone could not get Siu Chai's concert ticket.  Siu Chai joked that Lady GaGa's tickets would be more like it.  He said, "Whatever!  Make it my fault then."  However, Siu Chai hoped that everyone would pay attention to safety.  No matter how bad everyone's mood was, no one should do this.  He believed this was a prank.

Gigi in the film had to learn to play the violin and took lessons with violinist Yao Jue, who came in support two nights ago.  Gigi said that she only learned for a little more than a month, thus when she played a scene with the Shanghai symphony orchestra she became to feel guilty.  Siu Chai joked of course, because they brought several million in musical instruments to rehearsal.  They were all valuable collectibles, even the cheapest was 100,000 or so.  Siu Chai said, "Once in the rain we rushed to cover the instruments, not people."

Was Gigi interested in picking up the violin again?  She said that she was not young anymore and truly had difficulty.  Did she play for her husband?  Gigi said yes, because neither knew how to play they thought it was very convincing.  She pointed out that during the shoot, her husband came to Hong Kong and stayed with her at the hotel for three days to learn the violin.  Siu Chai joked, "No wonder you didn't dine with us, with a face full of love!"

Did Lee Chi Ting feel the umbrella was the act of a fan?  He said that would be impossible because he has always been mild mannered and not violent.  He believed that his fans would not do that.  He said luckily no one was hurt.  As for his birthday wish, Lee Chi Ting wished for world peace and a good Hong Kong.

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