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Christine Kuo, Elva Ni, Anna Kay, Ava Yu, Annie Liu, Linah Matsuoka, Jinny Ng, Ciwi Lam, Mandy Wong with Julian Cheung
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The film NATURAL BORN LOVERS (TIN SUN OI CHING KONG) yesterday held a production start ceremony.  Attendees included Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Mandy Wong Chi Man, Oscar Leung Lit Wai, Ava Yu Hiu and Jinny Ng Yeuk Hei.  Director Patrick Kong (Yip im 
Sum) and boss Stephen Shiu Jr. also attended.  The director arranged for nine actresses to pose with Chi Lam.  Chi Lam admitted that he almost had a nosebleed from seeing Sum Yau in her nurse uniform.

Chi Lam also revealed that many bachelor friends used visiting him as a excuse to see Lau Sum Yau.  He also praised Sum Yau as the hottest single girl in the business.  He had some male friends with decent qualities and hoped to match up with her!  Sum Yau laughed and said that she was an otaku and only wanted to focus on making movies.  Chi Lam said that many thought Lau Sum Yau was beyond their reach.  They would spend the time to make a movie to get to know her.

In the film Sum Yau played a troublesome girlfriend who was a control freak with her boyfriend.  Was Chi Lam's wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi the same way?  He awkwardly said, "I forgot."  Earlier he was often caught on the streets with Len Len yelling at him.  Chi Lam helplessly said, "I have no comment.  I feel reporters didn't want to waste their photos."  

With rising popularity recently, Wong Chi Man yesterday was late.  This was her first movie and first collaboration with Yip Lim Sum.  In the film she played Chi Lam's sister and a couple with Leung Lit Wai again.  Wong Chi man admitted that she was very nervous about her first film, but she would see it was a good learning opportunity.

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