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Teddy Robin Kwan earlier with MERRY GO ROUND won the Best Actor award at the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival in Sydney Australia.  Ella Koon Yun Na also won Best Actress with the film.  MERRY GO ROUND director Clement Cheng Si Kit two nights ago welcomed him at the airport and presented flowers to wish him well.

Teddy Robin two nights ago with Susan Shaw Yam Yam flew from Australia to Guangdong then to Hong Kong.  This time Teddy defeated LET THE BULLETS FLY's Chow Yun Fat and Ge You, which he admitted was quite surprising.  Because he was nominated with both GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI) and MERRY GO ROUND, at first he thought he won with GALLANTS.  Teddy Robin pointed out that MERRY was about charity organization Tung Wah hospitals' history.  He was very happy to win with this film.  How would he celebrate?  Teddy said that the airline did not have a direct flight back to Hong Kong.  They had to transfer in Guangzhou and finally waited 15 minutes before departure.  Now he would not go home and rest the most.

Yesterday Teddy appeared on a radio interview, Best Actress Koon Yun Na called the station as well.  Ella said that due to a television series she could not accept the award in person, which she regretted.  She saw photos of Teddy with the award and wanted to touch the award soon.  She thanked the cast and the crew, everyone had a lot of fun working together.  Of course most importantly she had to thank Teddy.  In the film they had many scenes together and she thanked him for his guidance.  Later she would like to celebrate with everyone when she would have the chance.  Teddy praised Ella's performance as very natural, her eyes knew how to act.  He even revealed that he has seen Ella's boyfriend and they even jammed together.

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