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Vic Chou Yu Man played a father for the first time in the current release NEW PERFECT TWO.  Jai Jai admitted that in reality he would like to be a husband and a father before age 40, but he could not accept a girlfriend with a child already.

Jai Jai as an idol series actor thought switching to play a father for the first time was fun.  He said, "This time can be considered a huge challenge, but Benny and I got along so well that we became good friends!"  Jai Jai admitted that when he first met Benny he felt unnatural, but the director treated him and Benny well because he shot according to their moods.  Jai Jai also praised his co-star as full of childlike innocence.  He said, "I feel Benny isn't mature for his age, his conversations and responses have childlike innocence!"  Jai Jai said that after completing this film he felt deeply that organizing the family was not easy.  He said, "I tried it in the film and it was enough!"  As for the opposite sex, he revealed that recently due to film promotion he asked co-star Mini Yang Mi to introduce women to him.  Did he ask the soon to wed Ella Chen to introduce women?  Jai Jai said, "Not yet!  They both think that I was just saying, but I am very serious because my life circle is very small!"

Was Jai Jai in a hurry to date?  Jai Jai said, "People around me are very warm after they fall in love, their health is particularly good.  Lately I constantly have the flu so I need the other half to help!"  If his girlfrined had a child like in the film what would he do?  Jai Jai said, "You scared me, I believe very rare people would be able to accept that.  Maybe I have to get a DNA test!"  Jai Jai admitted that he hoped that the other half would have filial piety, a simple life, but this type of people was very hard to find.  As for contact with old flame Big S (Barbie Hsu), he said, "No!"

Jai Jai hoped to be a father before 40 and joked that dragging it too long was not good.  He also said, "When I was 19 I thought I should be a husband and a father at 25, but I didn't meet anyone ideal so I had no expectation.  One day when I run into the right person I would get married and have children!"  Would he like a son or a daughter?  Jai Jai preferred a boy.  Jai Jai said, "I can have more interaction with a boy, like smashing his butt would be fine.  If it's a girl it's not too convenient unless I have a tomboy!"  He also hoped to be able to have a chance to play a mentally ill character.  He said, "If I can play a schizophrenic in a film that would be good!"

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