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The star of Zhang Yimou's UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE, Mou Guy Dou Xiao in the film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) worked for the first time with Janice Man Wing Shan, who was born in the same month of the same year as him, and played a couple.  Although they just met, they were as intimate as a young couple.  Dou Xiao even lay on Man Wing Shan's legs without any care and melted away in joy, much to the envy of others.

They in the film developed a tragic love story.  Although they met for the first time, they did their homework and saw the other's films in order to understand each other more.  The intense shoot schedule was no match for them.  Even in an ice cream scene, Dou Xiao even lay in JM's lap and enjoyed the tenderness.  However off camera Dou Xiao could not be more embarrassed; because the director wanted them on the sun scorched roof to eat the melting ice cream while being romantic in the heat for two hours.  They even had to wear heavy coats.  The worst was the mischievous JM often dripped the melting sugar cone on his face.

Dou Xiao however did not mind at all.  JM described Dou Xiao as a big kid so she dripped the ice cream on his face with ease.  She said, "Although we were only together for one day, we already had something in common.  We talked about cars.  He even liked the same brand and type of car as I do.  After being born in the same month of the same year, we have another coincidence."

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