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Recently turning into both actor and producer, Chapman To Man Jat earlier starred in VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET). It performed well as it broke 30 million at the box office. Yesterday Ah Jat received news that VULGARIA won the Fantastic Film Festival comedy Best Actor in Texas!

The Ah Jat starred VULGARIA after 48 days in release in Hong Kong accumulated over 30 million and firmly sat ahead of this year's Chinese films. Yesterday reportedly Ah Jat won the "Best comedy actor" award at the Fantastic Film Festival in Texas. After 18 years in show business Ah Jat this time made the "breakthrough of zero", with a pretty victory of both fame and fortune.

Currently working in Malaysia, Ah Jat yesterday responded via text, "I never expected to win an award with a comedy. Last time with ISABELLA I competed for the Berlin Film Festival Best Actor and lost. At the time I was a little disappointed. I never expected a surprise this time. Because it is a comedy, that kind of joy is even harder to describe." Ah Jat even stressed that he would work even harder to make more comedy for the Hong Kong audience. He even posted the good news on facebook and shared the joy with his supporters.

Actually since Ah Jat returned to work from being ill over a month ago, film offers flooded in. Working on a Mainland film in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand region, he earlier took time to return to Hong Kong to attend the Emperor Motion Picture SUPER AGENT (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN)'s production start ceremony then returned to Malaysia. His wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei also had to leave Hong Kong as the couple had no time to be together. No wonder Ah Jat lamented, "Hopefully when we are old, we won't be like this."

In addition, the Jet Tone artist Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung) starred TOUCH OF THE LIGHT will represent Taiwan to compete for an Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination this year. The film last week made almost NT$10 million at the Taiwan cumulative box office.

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