Sunday, September 9, 2012


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Two nights ago director Law Chi Leung and Liu Kai Chi attended the film THE BULLET VANISHES (SIU SUT DIK JI DAN) post screening forum. Director Law Chi Leung had nothing but praise for Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's acting, which could rival Lau Ching Wan's. "I asked Ting Fung whether he would have any pressure from 'competing' with Ching Wan. Ting Fung said that he expected to lose to Ching Wan. Yet Ting Fung's display made quite a pleasant surprise for me. His acting absolutely wouldn't lose to Ching Wan's."

Good actor Liu Kai Chi in the film played a villain with all white make up. Uncle Chi did not mind at all and even joked about Ching Wan. he pointed out that the movie had a dark person (Lau Ching Wan), naturally it needed a white person for balance. "In order to make Arsenal Chief Ding's strict as a vampire personality, the fashion director and I thought of an all white costume to tell you that this was the major villain. The claw mark on the head was another symbol of his vicious personality and made the character even more clear."

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