Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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AngelaBaby Yeung Wing yesterday attended her new film TAI CHI's premiere press conference in Shaoxing. Playing an action character for the first time Baby said that "it's hard to be an action actress", but if she caught someone's eye she would be very willing to continue to be an action actress.

This time Baby played the Tai Chi master Chen Yuniang. Because her father Tony Leung Ka Fai's whereabouts was unknown, she took over many family responsibilities. Baby admitted that she respected and admired this character because she was a very tough girl. She was able to stand up and face everything. Baby and the character were both righteous. She also revealed that because she was too manly everyone called her "actor". "In the film I could send people flying with one palm. After six months everyone called me actor. However, in the new film I played a beauty, no one can call me actor again."

To handle the fight scenes, Baby accepted two months of action training that included Tai Chi and stretching in advance. The stretching training hurt her so much she was in tears everyday, but she rather enjoyed the production process. She even discovered that she actually loved wire work. She was especially excited about wire work every time.

In addition, TAI CHI's Chinese kung fu also added in video game concepts. Director Stephen Fung Tak Lun wonderfully merged in popular games like Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird. Feng Shaofeng praised Baby's fighting as amazing. To bring back the heroic look from the poster, Baby yesterday after grabbing a long sword was almost heroine possessed. Although she was in ten centimeter heels she continued to accurately performed lunges twice for everyone to witness kung fu expert Chen Yuniang's heroic style.

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