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Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Sun) closed his three show Music Man II Open Fire World Tour Hong Kong Leg two nights ago. Wang Leehom invited superstar buddy Jackie Chan to be his guest. When Jackie Chan appeared, Leehom introduced this friend. "Last month one night, I was working with Zhang Ziyi on MY LUCKY STAR. I received a call from this friend, saying that he wanted to visit. Soon he brought a dozen or so boxes of fruit for the entire team. That day we were shooting a fight scene, he even became our temporary action director. He is this type of a good friend. He is the superstar of my heart, the best action director in the entire world..." Jackie Chan then appeared and embraced Leehom. They sang while shaking the audience's hands and brought the concert to its climax.

Jackie Chan just completed his film CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) post production in North America. Jackie Chan pointed out that the script took 7 years to write and a year and a half to shoot. He even gave the audience a special preview as a gift for Leehom. The video had many dangerous stunts. Jackie Chan said, "This three minute scene took a month and a half to shoot. In comparison to you writing a song with just 'ding ding ding', you have made much more money. I really have it tough, film requires me to risk danger to my life, you have it much simpler." Before going, Jackie Chan kissed Leehom on the lips and the audience shrieked. Then Leehom and Jackie Chan said I love you in both Mandarin and Cantonese and recorded it for online posting. Before the end of the show, Leehom said that he had to "hit the wheel" with everyone, meaning that he would kiss everyone goodbye with music.

In his three show concert, Leehom often said that he wanted to "hit the wheel" with guests and viewers. When asked if he knew that it meant a tongue kiss, Leehom who did not know Cantonese finally got it and immediately explained, "Really? I learned it when I made Cantonese films. Then how do you say kiss in Cantonese? (Your first show guest Candy Lo Hau Yam was scared out of her mind because of what you said!) I really just found out, luckily you corrected me."

Leehom said that Jackie Chan brought fruit to the set, and Zhang Ziyi who has been linked to Jackie Chan was present as well. Did Jackie Chan bring any grape? Did Zhang Ziyi feed grapes to anyone? Leehom said, "No." later he will have to go to Macau to continue the shoot and his concert tour. Will he perform in Japan? Leehom said, "We are in negotiation." With the recent rising anti Japanese sentiments, Tony Leung Chiu Wai who was rumored to be making a Japanese film was called a traitor online in the Mainland. Leehom said that online comments could not be stopped.

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