Thursday, September 13, 2012


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Raymond Lam Fung in the film LOVE IS PYJAMAS (NAM YUN YU YI FOOK) played a photographer and like honey to bees with women. Any woman who dated him would marry rich in the future, thus many women wanted to date him briefly than rapidly dump him for a rich husband. Lam Fung after numerous heartbreak wanted to find a true relationship and asked for street fortune teller So Man Fung for help. He never expected Master So to be sweet on him as well. Lam Fung joked that the character was very fitting for him and he was very comfortable playing it. Every scene was very funny. Sometimes when the director yelled cut, they would immediately laugh nonstop.

Director Vincent Kok Tak Siu pointed out that So Man Fung was his mascot. Every time he guest starred in his movies they would perform well. Thus this time he would also use his "holy beast" Master So.

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