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Raymond Wong Pak Ming earlier appeared on a cable program and revealed interesting tidbits about superstars when they made ACES GO PLACES (JUI GAI PAK DONG) and ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI). ACES GO PLACES' pairing of Sam Hui Koon Kit and Karl Maka was very memorable. Wong Pak Ming pointed out that originally he wanted Chow Yun Fat to be the male lead. "I never imagined that Chow Yun Fat would turn it down. Later I talked to Hui Koon Kit about the script. He listened as he put sugar cubes into his mouth. He truly was 'savoring the sugar'." Back then the film only cost over 1 million to make, but he revealed that Hui Koon Kit's asking price was 2 million. Luckily the film was a commercial and critical hit and he was well worth the price.

As for the super classic comedy ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL that had superstars like Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk and others, Wong Pak Ming pointed out that Sing Yeh demanded 8 million. "I couldn't find anyone more suitable so I could only pay it. However he suddenly refused to play effeminate. Luckily Gor Gor asked to play effeminate and play a couple with old flame (Teresa) Mo Shun Kwan." Wong Pak Ming joked that everyone in the film saw Sing Yeh as their imaginary enemy. Even Gor Gor kept coming up with ideas for more screen time. "Gor Gor had a way with Cheung Man Yuk. Originally Cheung Man Yuk refused to wear the cone costume over her chest, but Gor Gor was able to talk her into it."

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