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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling starred in the film SWITCH (FUCHUN SHAN GUI TOH), which is in an intense post production stage. In the film Lin Chiling had a variety of costumes like school girl, nurse, stewardess and escort. All the costumes were neat. She even had an androgynous costume. Even Lau Tak Wa praised, "I have never seen an actress with so many costumes in one film."

Lin Chiling in the film had many outstanding uniforms, from the light and elegant white nurse uniform to the Arab stewardess uniform; from the Japanese innocent school girl's aesthetics to the popular escort's exoticism. Lin Chiling displayed the greatest freedom in her film career and got all the otaku's dreams in one shot. In the film she had 24 costumes. The designers for each other went all over Paris and Milan fashion shows and studied all the top big names to tailor for her. Her costumes alone already cost 2 million RMB. She was surprised. "The team truly treated me too well, with so many different and beautiful costumes. I felt like I have played 24 different characters." Among the uniform costumes, the contrast between Lin Chiling's school girl and escort was memorable. The Japanese school uniform with long hair look was even her first attempt. "When the director said that I had to wear a student uniform, do I say no? Because I truly am too tall, this type of costume truly would be very hard to have a student feeling!"

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