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Andy Lau
Andrew Lau
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Jacky Cheung Hok Yau after finishing the film CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI) with Tang Wei 3 years ago has not made another movie. Recently because Shu Kei, the director who brought him into the film industry, worked on a graduation film A COMPLICATED STORY for a Performing Art Academy film student and asked Hok Yau to help, Hok Yau of course jumped at the chance. He did not take any salary, not even lai see. He even covered his own transportation. Hok Yau truly is quite a guy.

That day the film started production at Central's Pier 9. From afar a hunk in sunglasses, transparent black shirt and low cut black jeans walked around like he was on the catwalk. The reporter thought he was Hok Yau. Why did Hok Yau get so much more feminine? Upon getting closer, the reporter was surprised. That hunk was big director Johnnie To Kei Fung. His big belly suddenly vanished and could not be more fit. Was he making an on screen appearance for A COMPLICATED STORY? Ah To said, "I am not performance, I am investing in the movie."

Ah To earlier was not considered too fat but was known as "Fat To". In order to cover his big belly, he mostly wore loose shirts. In the summer he definitely had a towel for sweat. When Andy Lau Tak Wa made Ah To's LOVE ON A DIET (SAU SUN NAM NUI) he as the fat guy constantly used a towel for sweat. He was impersonating Ah To. Now he successfully lost the weight, he immediately wore something tight and transparent to show off his body. The reporter joked that he was showing his belly button and underwear, he pretended he did not hear and could not be more confident.

Why did Ah To lose weight? He answered directed, "Too fat." Why? He said, "Wa Jai gave me his diet." Wa Jai's weight loss formula was a flavorless life, no salt, no grease, no sugar. For his concerts he was even more exaggerated, as he only had steamed chicken. He has always been like this and quite determined at it. How did he do it? Ah To then revealed that his blood sugar was high and he had to lose the weight. He said, "I have been losing for a week or so, lost a few pounds. Wa Jai told me to persist for 20 days and said that I could lose a dozen pounds or so." He said, "Control the amount, no carbohydrate like rice and noodle, no fruit and only meat." Since he could not eat anything, did he lose any joy in life? He helplessly said, "What can I do. I didn't even have my favorite red wine, just to keep from Wa Jai nagging me." The Big Director actually was afraid of Wa Jai? He said, "He just cares about my health, I feel health is pretty important too."

Director Andrew Lau Wai Keung lost weight over a year ago when his body began to sound an alarm and lost over 20 pounds. Just like Ah To he had no belly. Lau Wai Keung after getting thinner worked on screen as well, as he worked on several commercials. Who knows if any advertiser was interested in the "hunk" Ah To?

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