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Substance actress Irene Wan Bik Ha after joining the Emperor Motion Picture artist department radiated again in the film industry. Earlier she and Emperor artist William Chan Wai Ting worked on the Emperor Motion Picture TRIAD (JAT JIK) and had a break through performance. TRIAD's story was about the mob. The addition of female leadership elements made Wan Bik Ha's character even more attractive. The film will also put many mob rumors into the film to make it even more realistic. In one scene Wan Bik Ha, Chan Wai Ting, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Edward Chui Ka Tung joining the mob. Wan Bik ha even appeared in sexy underwear. Chan Wai Ting and others only wore boxers and showed off their perfect muscles.

Wan Bik Ha said that when she got the script she already knew about this scene. For the film to be closer to reality, she did not feel that this underwear only scene was a problem. She only did what an actress should do. Did she clear the set? She said that she did not feel a need to. The shoot did not feel awkward at all. She did not ask her husband before hand either because he understood what an actress needed to do.

Because this scene was shot separately, Chan Wai Ting and Wan Bik Ha did not see each other. In the film he was able to show off his muscles. "When I got the script I knew how to get bigger. I spent many months to train, mainly ate egg, chicken cutlet and steak on a high protein diet. I kept exercising to maintain my figure. Before taking my mark I did push ups because the result showed up the fastest." However, aside from his firm muscles Chan Wai Ting's dragon tattoo was also very attractive. He had to spend several hours to have it drawn on for every shoot.

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