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Krystal Tin, Paco Wong, Susan Shaw, Chapman To, Pang Ho Cheung, DaDa Chen
Ronald Cheng is the soul character of VULGARIA
LOVE IN THE BUFF, another Pang Ho Cheung film, is now in second place
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The Chapman To Man Jat, DaDa Chen Jing starred film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) in its fifth week in release as of 2PM yesterday approached HK$28 million at the box office band broke the LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) record to be the Hong Kong Chinese film box office champion so far this year. Both films were Pang Ho Cheung directed. When he learned that his films took first and second place he stated, "It's truly too great!" DaDa headed toward the 30 million box office lead actress said excitedly, "I really want to cry!"

As of 2PM yesterday, VULGARIA's cumulative box office was 27,991,199 and broke this year's Hong Kong Chinese film box office record. It knocked off LOVE IN THE BUFF's total cumulative box office of 27,947,902 to become the box office champion. Although Pang Ho Cheung "fought himself", his films being the top two Hong Kong Chinese films this year so far made him very happy. As he has said earlier, "To beat others first you have to beat yourself." Pang Ho Cheung thanked viewers who supported him and Hong Kong film. He also took the chance to say to animal lovers, "Actually I really love donkeys!"

To Man Jat hoped for film investors to see how well VULGARIA performed so they would invest more only purely domestic films. DaDa was very emotional. "I really want to cry! I am very touched!" DaDa thanked Pang Ho Cheung and To Man Jat for giving her a chance to perform. Being able to this film's lead actress, she truly was very lucky.

To Man Jat promoted VULGARIA in Taiwan. He mentioned to Chang Hsiao-Yen that the pressure was greatest on a comedy actor. "In general an actor's acting has room for discussion, but if how well a comedy is played depends on whether the audience laughs; when the audience doesn't laugh, I feel it's a failure." The film has become the Hong Kong highest grossing Chinese film this year. To Man Jat confidently said, "I am also confident about the Taiwan box office!"

To Man Jat has always objected to the National Education curriculum, but after a "middle person" reminded him to watch his mouth he could only be quiet. Yesterday To Man Jat posted on facebook that going from a Wise Guy to his performance now, he still had a lot that he wanted to do. He wanted to direct, do stand up comedy, make domestic films, but these excuses could not hide his "selfishness". He would remind himself of one thing. No matter how successful and how rich he would be, he could only live with his head lowered. Because as a Hong Konger, he could only be ashamed of his decision today.

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