Friday, September 21, 2012


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Tsang Bo Yi, Derek Tsang, Groom Mark Tsang, Bride Renee Chang, Mark's mother and Eric Tsang 
Jackie Chan
Mark Tsang and wife Renee Chang also celebrate their daughter Ashlyn's 100th day
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai's second son Mark Tsang Kwok Yau yesterday held a wedding and an one hundred day banquet for his daughter Tsang Sze Yu. Chi Wai's family as well as family and friends from Taiwan and Canada returned to Hong Kong for the joyous events. Chi Wai not only covered the banquet cost but also gave diamonds to the female members of his family. He spent over 7 figures!

Yesterday morning the new couple followed the bride pick up and elder tea ceremony traditions. In the afternoon they registered at the hotel and conducted the wedding. Did Chi Wai cry when his daughter in law presented tea? He happily said, "Why would I cry? It's a joyous event. (Did all you wives attend?) I have many wives, aside from Bo Ma (Tsang Bo Yi's mother) they all came." Chi wai said that he was the happiest about a family photo, and shot another photo according to his children's childhood photo. However they no longer could sit on his lap. He thought it was very funny! He even scheduled with his children to go on a family vacation for his 60th birthday next year, then return to Hong Kong for his birthday banquet. What did he give his daughter in law? He joked that he gave glass (diamond), and every woman in his family got one. At the same time he covered last night's banquet as a gift for his granddaughter.

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