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Christine Auyeung brings her children who are following the dress code
Famous dancer Huang Rui
Carlo Ng and his wife, Chan Ka Bik and husband Yu Kam Yuen
THE VOICE 2's James Ng, Jay Fung, and Hubert Wu
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September 27 will be Andy Lau Tak Wa's 51st birthday. Two nights ago Wa Jai held a giant birthday party with his fans at the Convention Center. This year's birthday party dress code was Chinese as both Wa Jai and host Albert Au Wing Kuen appeared in Chinese costumes. Recently Wa Jai in his new film SWITCH (FUCHUN SHAN GUI TOH) played a Chinese hero and even defeated ten Japanese robbers on his own. Two nights ago Wa Jai's costume matched the new film character rather well.

Recently SWITCH director Jay Sun Jianjun revealed a special teaser. In it Wa Jai raided the Japanese robbers' base alone and gave a brutal beating to the rapist. "What isn't mine I don't want. What isn't yours, even if it's just a grain of sand, a drop of water, you can forget about getting it." He even fought the robbers who wore Japanese flags on their heads.

Sun Jianjun two years ago already came to an agreement with Wa Jai when they first discussed the script. A big Chinese film must have a grand emotions and grand structure. They then created a big hero who fought with Japanese robbers. Recently the Diaoyu Island topic had the entire nation boiling. The film's attitude was not to be opportunistic with a last minute protest, but the soul that connected the entire film. He asked for everyone to be patriotic sensibly and not due to the extreme few's excessive behavior to stop the expression of sovereignty protection.

Wa Jai wore a Chinese costume at this birthday party also as an expression of his patriotism. Guests received a pair of Wa Jai autographed socks.

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