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Mini Yang Mi recently worked on a cover shoot for the wedding monthly magazine DARIZI. She admitted that she indeed was lucky and fortunate. In recent years, Yang Mi participated in many topical television series, rapidly rose to fame and joined the film industry. This year she will have eight movies on the way. WU DANG would even be her first martial art film.

Fighting in a movie for the first time, Yang Mi although has suffered she displayed her usual optimistic spirit. She would treat hardship as challenge. She said, "Fight scenes to me are very hard. In the process I had to complete many highly difficult stunts and work with many professional martial art actors, which added to my pressure." She remembered that the shoot took place during the winter. She had to wear many layers of warm clothing. Yet after she shot from the morning to the afternoon, all of her clothing inside was soaked as she was covered in sweat. After trying fight scenes, Yang Mi looked forward to keep making action films because it had a great sense of satisfaction.

Romantically, she admitted that before meeting her boyfriend Harwick Lau Hoi Wai she was not certain about what type of guy she liked. Actually she never truly ran into one. She also did not know what type of person would be appropriate for her. Yang Mi said, "Before meeting him, I never thought that I would find a Hong Kong actor. Perhaps, destiny is something that is this hard to explain. When I ran into him, it could be said as a type of luck because I luckily discovered his positive points before others. Hoi Wai had a lot of filial piety. He worked very seriously. Yet I like him not just because he is an excellent person. We get along very well."

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