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Leung Si Ho tearfully revealed abuse while working on Stephen Chow Sing Chi's film, which made his swear that he would rather "beg than work on another Chow Sing Chi film again". Recently, TVB director Cheung Wing Ho has been accused of abusing "Monster Angel" Jenny Lau Wai Huen, which reminded Leung Si Ho of the painful memory. Leung Si Ho yesterday on a now program taping revealed his grudge with Chow Sing Chi that few knew about.

Reporters yesterday asked Chow Sing Chi's spokesman Ngai Tat Sum, who said that back then Leung Si Ho only worked on one scene and did not know how he felt. However after so many years he did not need to respond.

Leung Si Ho and Chow Sing Chi met at TVB in 1998. They worked together on the television series BEHIND SILK CURTAINS (DAI DOH WUI). Chow Sing Chi played his older brother and thus they became good friends. "Chow Sing Chi bought his first car from me, so our relationship was pretty good. Why were we unable to become friends later? If Lee Lik Chi didn't publicly apologize to me on the radio two years ago, I might not tell this heart breaking story."

In 1994 Chow Sing Chi made the film TO CHINA WITH LOVE (GOK CHAN LING LING CHAK). In Tianjin Leung Si Ho received a call from Chow Sing Chi's team that said Sing Yeh asked him to be in the movie. "I thought that since we were friends, I deliberately returned to Hong Kong for it and agreed to accept 10,000 per scene. When I saw Chow Sing Chi on the set, I thought we were friends so I called him 'Sing Jai' but he completely ignored me. The team said to call him Director, so I did."

Leung Si Ho recalled asking Chow Sing Chi, "Director, how do you want me to act out this firing squad scene?" Chow Sing Chi at the time very loudly replied, "Cry! Do you know how to cry, Actor!" Leung Si Ho continued, "At the time I very naively said, 'Sure, in the business I am known for crying'. Chow Sing Chi was a little surprised to hear that. He even said, 'You are that amazing? Great! Now you are being executed, go'. So I asked the director how to cry, Chow Sing Chi said, 'Did your Old Man die yet? Cry like your Old Man died for me'. I asked for the line and Chow Sing Chi who was somewhat upset replied, 'No line required, 1, 2, 3, 4 count to 100, go'."

Leung Si Ho could only count as he cried. In the first take he was already crying until he was hoarse. After it he asked Chow Sing Chi, "Director, how did I do?" Chow Sing Chi answered with frustration, "Not well! I want you to be like your old man died, like he died twice!" Finally Leung Si Ho cried from 10AM to 5AM, for 17 times with all real tears. After that Lee Lik Chi told Leung Si Ho that aside from the first take, the cameras were not rolling on the rest. At the moment he realized that he has been played.

Leung Si Ho tearfully said, "I was still shedding tears when I left, I told myself in the future even if I would become a beggar I wouldn't work on another Chow Sing Chi film. Several years later, he asked his producer to contact me about GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN). I was still raging and told the producer to tell Chow Sing Chi, 'Even if I have to beg, I wouldn't make his movies again'."

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