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Two nights ago vs. September 7

Gordon Liu's niece often visited her uncle and helped him with physical therapy.
What a difference a year makes.  Gordon Liu visited his seventh sister last year
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Famous martial artist star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai, originally named Sin Kam Hei) since suffering a stroke in August last year had hemiplegia. After over a year of tough treatment, in recent months he has been more active. During the period he faced family dispute and endless rumors; in mid August this year he was rumored to be sent to a care home after his wife and children abandoned him, and that his second wife and children forced him to hand over his wealth. When his son Sin Chun Lung and daughter Sin Wing Shan asked to see him, Lau Ka Fai turned them down and even contacted the police.

After communicating through a good friend of Lau Ka Fai, he agreed to meet with the Ming Pao report and in simply language expressed his handling of the family dispute, his treatment condition and confidently said that he will recover. Reportedly in order to settle the "inheritance" storm over recent months so he would be able to focus on his treatment, Lau Ka Fai contacted a lawyer so his future life and wealth will have legal protection. Lau Ka Fai's interview would be the final public statement that he would make in regards to the rumors.

The reporter has met with Lau Ka Fai twice. The first meeting took place on September 7 with Lau Ka Fai's niece and a priest. His niece said that Uncle was a Catholic so she invited a priest to give him Holy Communion in hopes of helping him find peace. That day Lau Ka Fai was somewhat anguished and a size thinner. Due to the lack of sun his skin was somewhat pale. He used crutches with the care personnel took a few dozen steps. When the reporter told to him, Brother Ka Fai was reluctant to talk. later he was even somewhat impatient and asked his niece why she did not help him back to his room.

Two nights ago (September 12) the reporter visited Lau Ka Fai again. On this night he was in a good mood. He not only took the initiative with greetings and was even obviously gained a little weight. His condition was much better than the meeting the week before. Lau Ka Fai was rumored to be less than alert and have trouble speaking after the stroke; yet when the reporter conversed with him, he was very alert of the questions. When he answered though he would only do so with a few simple words. Below was Lau Ka Fai's conversation with the reporter.

L: Lau Ka Fai, R: Reporter

R: Have you contacted a lawyer in hopes of receiving legal protection? L: (nodding) Yes! R: Why don't you want to see your four children (two daughter with his first wife, a son and a daughter with his second)? L: No! (Thought for awhile) Don't bother! (He did not want to discuss his children) R: Would you handle the family matter yourself? L: (nodding hard) Yes! I would handle it. R: Would you like to see any particular friend? L: (smiling and waving his hand) No! R: Would you like to wait until your recovery improve more before seeing everyone? L: Right! R: Has physical therapy been very tough? (Supposedly Lau Ka Fai's physical therapy schedule has been arranged for morning and afternoon, including professional therapy, training with dressing himself, writing, etc.) L: (Particularly loudly) It hasn't been tough! R: Are you confident that you will recover? L: Yes!

From what the reporter saw, Lau Ka Fai over this week has made tremendous progress and was able to stand up with help from the railing. Lau Ka Fai minded the negative news about his family very much and has been particularly moody. Sometime he would not eat because of that and thus became thin. Because finding a lawyer has already been taken care of, lately his mood has been great and he even gained a little weight. When the reporter took photos of him Lau Ka Fai was especially mischievous. When the reporter cheered for him to recover soon, Lau Ka Fai raised his left thumb. He was even concerned whether he was handsome in the photos, after seeing them he gave a happy and satisfied smile.

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