Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Andy Lau's parents are present at the birthday party
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Andy Lau Tak Wa celebrates his 51st birthday today (September 27). Earlier his fan club celebrated in advance. The stage had the words "Fortune Like The East Sea" in the background. Wa Jai wore a red Chinese suit, his parents also attended and cut the birthday cake with him. Wa Jai said that at this birthday three wishes came true, including his invitation of the Hong Kong Paralympics fencing gold medalist Yu Chui-Yee and taking a photo with her; at the event, his "family" arranged for an exciting performance. Wa Jai praised their performance was concert quality; the audience's appreciation and respect already touched him very much; his "family" loving and caring for each other was his birthday wish.

Wa Jai earlier guest starred in COLD WAR (HONG JIN). He said that when he read this script it was already attractive to him and he really wanted to participate. However his family just had a joyous affair (the birth of his daughter) he could not make time. Thus he was only able to guest star. In the film Wa Jai played the Security Bureau secretary, the highest ranking person in the entire film.

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