Sunday, September 16, 2012


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Raymond Lam Fung in the film LOVE IS PYJAMAS (NAM YUN YU JI FOK) played a ladies' man. In one scene Ronald Cheng Chung Kei asked him to join him in the sauna. For his topless performance, he kept doing push ups to pump up his chest before taking his mark. Lam Fung was full of confidence in his figure. "When I made this film I just finished my concerts, so I was confident about showing off my firm muscles." Because he had to display the sauna room's high heat, Lam Fung often rolled his eyes and touched himself for laughs.

Teresa Mo Shun Kwan was no slouch either. In this scene Cheng Chung Kei helped her steal Lam Fung's mobile phone information. She disguised herself as a man and snuck into the men's dressing room. She had a face full of beard and acted tough. Lam Fung admired Mo Shun Kwan's professional performance very much. "Her comedy is very explosive!" Mo Shun Kwan praised him as a good actor, a young man who infinite future.

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