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The Stephen Fung Tak Lun directed film TAI CHI 0 two nights ago held a premiere in Taipei. Actors Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, AngelaBaby, Stanley Fung Shui Fan attended. Fung Tak Lun's rumored girlfriend Shu Qi also guest starred. Two nights ago at the premiere host Mickey Huang asked Fung Tak Lun why Shu Qi did not attend. He said, "The film company invited her, perhaps she is too busy." Did he want to see her? Fung Tak Lun immediately practiced Tai Chi and said, "I want to see every worker."

Although his rumors with Shu Qi was the source of comedy, Fung Tak Lun was not mad at all. Mickey Huang even asked who was the best actor, Shu Qi or someone else? Fung Tak Lun against said, "Teacher Fung performed the best."

Peng Yu-Yen in the film played the villain and had a romance with Baby. Baby played a martial art master. In the film she had almost 90% of the fight scenes. She even performed the stunts personally. Two nights ago she took the chance to complain to the director and said, "Why didn't you get a stunt double for me?" Leung Ka Fai said, "Because he couldn't find such a pretty double." Leung Ka Fai said that for the film he spent over two months to study Tai Chi. When asked about Fung Tak Lun's direction, Ka Fai said that everyone would know when they watch the film.

The father of a pair of 20 year old twin daughters, Leung Ka Fai kept praising how well raised and how ambitious Peng Yu-Yen was. Finally he even joked, "I hope he would become my son in law, so I deliberately brought him home. My daughters were there, so I showed him my daughters' photos and videos."

In addition, Lollipop F at the premiere performed the Taiwan promotional song NO RUSH FOR TAI CHI. Owodog who rather admired Baby said that he has seen every one of her movies and admired her acting very much.

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