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Tony Leung Ka Fai and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier won the Hong Kong Film Award and the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor. They in the new release next month COLD WAR (HONG JIN) will face off again. Sing Sing revealed that back then in Taiwan when he competed with Ka Fai for Best Actor and he was announced the winner, Ka Fai immediately embraced him and patted his shoulder to congratulate him. Ka Fai admitted that they appreciated each other and joked that after working with him he elevated Sing Sing, which forced Sing Sing to admit that he had to improve more to face strong co-stars.

Ka Fai and Sing Sing worked together on THROW DOWN. Almost nine years later they worked together again on COLD WAR. In the film they both played deputy police commissioners in a life and death rivalry. Sing Sing revealed that he and Ka Fai worked on one scene over 20 times, which gave him his fill of acting fun. Sing Sing said, "In Mainland slang it was completely like 'acting racing'. The directors said that we were able to take it to the furthest, which made we feel the directors had expectations and were not scared off by my and Ka Fai's fame!" Sing Sing pointed out that that day after finishing that scene's final take and the directors yelled cut, the entire set applauded. Sing Sing admitted that he had a sense of success; Ka Fai also boasted that the scene was as exciting as the recent U.S. Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. Ka Fai confidently said, "This proves that we are not aiming high and shooting lower, everyone has the same idea and both were able to do it!"

Ka Fai looked back at working on Wong Kar Wai's ASHES OF TIME (DUNG CHE SAI DUK) and did not understand why it took over 100 takes. He joked that it definitely broke a world record. He pointed out that he did not understand Wong Kar Wai's state of mind either. However Ka Fai pointed out that "acting race" scene had dialogue exchanges that were like an action film. Sing Sing added, "Our battle of words might be more exciting than using real guns and bullets!" Ka Fai also said, "We appreciate each other!"

Ka Fai also pointed out that in the 90s, Sing Sing already became the Four Great Heavenly Kings and the King of Dance soon after joining the business. He expected him to step into the film industry and admitted that at the time he made faces at him. Yet, from Sing Sing's first film to his later character and script choices, he observed that he was not someone who would take the money and run. Finally his eyes were opened. Ka Fai said, "I watched one of his films after another, from DIVERGENCE (SAM CHA HAU), AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) he was so handsome yet he still chose such hard to play characters. I have also seen the script of AFTER! Reportedly he had to take a pay cut for AFTER, later I gradually understood that he was an actor who put an effort into his acting!" Sing Sing said that Ka Fai was a natural born actor and Best Actor. He said, "I feel Ka Fai over the years has never repeated himself, he is also one of my favorite Hong Kong actors!"

Sing Sing in 2006 with DIVERGENCE competed with Ka Fai's ELECTION (HAK SEH WUI) for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. He understood that since Leung has already won the Best Actor three years he believed that he would be the biggest competition. However, finally Sing Sing won. Sing Sing said, "I had a shot of confidence at the Golden Horse Award, I went over to Ka Fai and he embraced me to congratulate me and patted me on the shoulder. I felt greatly encouraged!"

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