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Best Actress Wai Ying Hun in her new film THE WEDDING DIARY worked with Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and Malaysian singer A Niu (Tan Kheng-Seong). Nicknaming herself "Igniting Hung", Sister Hung revealed that she often took advantage of male co-workers on the set. Even director Adrian Teh (Cheng Kin Kwok) was a "victim".

Sister Hung said, "Because the shoot was very long, hot and full of mosquitoes, sometimes when I saw people dropping watt (losing energy) I would walk over and flick their nipples so they would be more alert. I have messed with all the men in the studio. I wasn't deliberately sexually harassing them, I just wanted to be wilder. Sometimes trying to be funny too seriously would make it not fun instead. The no border and gentle pranks would make people happier and more alert."

Speaking of "igniting flames" everywhere, Sister Hung said that once workers tried to strike back but she still scared them off in the end. "I would say, 'Come on! I will let you! I will let you!' They immediately wouldn't even dare to move."

Cheng Kin Kwok also revealed that Sister Hung loved to playing drinking games with A Niu on the set to stay awake. Sister Hung said that the director would occasionally play ping pong with A Niu to amuse themselves. Sister Hung praised A Niu as a surprise maker. "He would suddenly blur out something that would make everyone laugh until their bellies ache. He is very mischievous! My favorite is to make fun of him, 'pretend to be shy to cop a feel' ha ha!"

Sister Hung also praised Elanne for being honest and having substance in her acting. "Although she has not have a lot of experience, she has talent. At least she would make people feel that she wasn't acting. This trick isn't something that every actor can grasp."

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