Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in COLD WAR (HONG JIN) played a deputy commissioner of police. He said that when he first read the script he was already deeply moved. Even when the production schedule clashed with his concert world tour, he still took it. In the film, Sing Sing played a father again after AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI). This time he even displayed his deputy commissioner's tough guy tenderness. During the day Sing Sing not only had to compete with Tony Leung Ka Fai at work but also strong enemies. At night Sing Sing immediately turned into a gentle father, tucking in his sleeping daughter. The entire shoot atmosphere went from the intense battle of wits during the shoot to the warmth of family.

In addition, Leung Ka Fai and Eddie Peng Yu-Yen in the film played father and son. Ka Fai said, "This character is a superintendent of police who has served for 30 years. He has many differences of opinion with his fellow police officer son, which creates strong and passionate conflict. It is rather fresh and interesting." Peng Yu-Yen also revealed, "Brother Ka Fai has always been an actor who I admire. He is a very easy going, humorous, and willing to share his performance experience actor. This is the biggest gain from this production for me."

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