Thursday, September 13, 2012


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Filmmaker Ng See Yuen yesterday received the Hong Kong Baptist University honorary degree for his film industry contribution. Ng See Yuen said that he was very excited and praised Baptist University for sparing no effort in cultivating film personnel. The industry also has many Baptist University graduates.

Ng See Yuen pointed out that now most Hong Kong filmmakers are working in the Mainland, causing the film personnel shortage in Hong Kong. Thus now many new film forces need to be cultivated. Baptist University and Sil-Metropole recently have a collaboration project to invest in University graduates to make commercial films so the school and the industry can meet and create opportunities for graduates to enter the industry.

Has he thought about starting a school to cultivate talent? Ng See Yuen admitted that he has, once Mainland friends have approached him but he felt that it should be done in Hong Kong. Unfortunately Hong Kong has limited resources and so far nothing has come of it.

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