Thursday, September 27, 2012


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The already officially rated category III film, TRIAD not only has foul language, sex and abuse scenes galore but also involves many mob language and actual situations. For the first shot, the film's "boss" William Chan Wai Ting plans to blow the whistle and step directly into Portland street, Mongkok to generate buzz with Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Deep Ng Ho Hong, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Alex Hung Kit. They will appear in their film costumes and distribute promotional flyers with a massive alternative promotion.

Stepping directly into the lion's den to promote, was he worried about running into sulfuric acid bomb or sudden attack? William said, "We are just promoting a movie, not doing anything with bad intention. I am not scared." Speaking of the return of the mob storm, William said that he was not afraid of comparison. "Our movie is realistic enough. I am confident that people can relate to it. Hopefully it will become a new generation mob film icon." In order to make his Wise Guy image even more convincing, William before the shoot even deliberately went through a hellish training. No wonder he in a fight scene successfully showed off his muscles in a boxing scene!

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