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The AngelaBaby starred film TAI CHI will open on September 27. This time Baby in the film played a Tai Chi master Chen Yuniang. She not only attempted a fight scene on "wires" but also a vicious and violent personality. She admitted that when she first read the script she too felt that this character was too vicious. Because as soon as she got mad she would hit hard, everyone was afraid of her. Yet this character was not someone who bullied people with her kung fu. She also had her lovable side. Because she was righteous and courageous, she was a rare breed in ancient times.

Baby pointed out that playing such a different character truly was a lot of fun. She said that in reality she would not be very vicious and very tough with anyone or anything. She would be more vicious with herself, she would accept a variety of challenges and complete something that would be hard to imagine. TAI CHI took six months to complete. Baby was playing the more tomboyish image and character in the film. Even after the shoot she still behaved quite like a man, even friends said that she turned into another person. She said that sometimes when she chatted with friends, she would sit like a man and frighten her friends. She said that after the shoot, she did not know how to adjust to this series of changes. Now she still thought she has become too masculine. Baby now is working on the Tsui Hark directed film DETECTIVE DEE PREQUEL (DIK YUN KIT CHIN JUEN). She said that when she joined the team she was still walking like a guy. The director often reminded her not to walk too much like Chen Yuniang.

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