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Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, and Angelica Lee Sinjie recently have been working on the Pang Brothers directed 3D Chinese disaster films INFERNO (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN). The film has been in production for almost two months, as everyone entered the major scene production on location in Thailand. Ching Wan, Goo Jai, Sinjie and Mainland actors Jin Qiaoqiao and Chen Sicheng for days have already been suffering from smoke, fire and water. Goo Jai's right arm has been injured twice, but coincidentally his injuries were right where he had to be injured in the film. In the end he performed injured and did not have to bandage his "fake" wound. Goo Jai pointed out that during an escape scene, his right palm was cut on glass shards and immediately bled. The director halted the production and asked the on set doctor to bandage it to prevent infection. However he only asked for ice for the wound and told the director to keep shooting for an even more realistic effect. Finally he completed this injury performance in one take before he was willing to sit down for the doctor to treat his wound.

During the Mid Autumn Festival, the team will continue to shoot in Thailand. Producer Lam Siu Keung deliberated brought some traditional lanterns and moon cakes from Hong Kong for everyone to celebrate the holiday with. The actors also picked up pens to write greetings to wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Sinjie said that everyone after working together everyday have become like a family, so spending the Mid Autumn Festival together was quite meaningful. she said that Malaysia did not have Mid Autumn festival. She missed playing with lanterns in the country during her childhood. Goo Jai also spent his first Mid Autumn Festival in Thailand and had a very special feeling. Normally he had very little opportunity to complete a movie abroad and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with everyone. They were like a family. Ching wan also liked Mid Autumn very much and hoped that everyone would be able to happily spend it with their families.

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