Monday, September 24, 2012


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Raymond Lam Fung yesterday was a guest on the Chik Mei Chun's program but was half a hour late. He immediately apologized to Sam Soh and the media as soon as she arrived and explained that because at night he had to fly to Beijing for the LOVE IS PYJAMAS (NAM YUN YU YI FOK) premiere he had to pack at home and go directly to the airport at night.

Lam Fung, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Vincent Kok Tak Siu two nights ago attended an event for the film two nights ago. Lam Fung's fans booked the screening, which made him very happy. However he regretted that earlier a protest interrupted his Guangzhou performance and autograph session. To keep from disappointing fans, he asked workers to get the records for autographs at the office. Fans should have been very pleased, but he joked, "I am not because I didn't personally thank the fans for their support. However the film will promote in Guangzhou at the end of the month. Then fans will have to cheer me up, haha. (Will he celebrate the film's success?) Probably not, I will have to work on a series in the Mainland and won't have time."

Speaking of rumored girlfriend Karena Ng Chin Yu said that the shoot was very happy. Would he meet the cast for dinner? Lam Fung chimed in and said that they would have to. Everyone had a lot of fun working together. Ng Chin Yu also praised Lam Fung for his humor, unfortunately during the shoot they had very little opportunities to chat. He said, "Of course, when the three women Ng Chin Yu, (Teresa) Mo Shun Kwan and (Lynn Xiong) Hung Doi Lam got together they kept talking about eating. I couldn't cut in at all. However actually it wasn't what I said that was funny, but how dumb I am. Only they would think I am funny."

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