Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga), Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Danielle Wang Lidan, Celia Kwok Wing Yi, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu and others two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event at a Mongkok cinema to celebrate the box office breaking 1 million in advance. The cast shared its experience and took photos with the audience. Although Jeana was dressed more conservatively, she was more popular than the low cut Cheung Woon Nga as many viewers asked Jeana for photos. Jeana and Cheung Woon Nga were rumored to be at odds. Reporters asked them to pose for a photo together. Jeana immediately turned around to leave but Cheung Woon Nga was already walking over. They could only pose for a photo together but Jeana dug her arm into Cheung Woon Nga. They had no exchange at all.

Jeana was confident that this film will be this year's box office champion. If so she would swim Polar Bear with the actresses to celebrate. She said that her boyfriend Parkman Cheung has not seen this film and did not know how he would respond to her intimate scenes. Cheung Woon Nga two nights ago dressed provocatively. she said that she was not deliberately stealing the spotlight. Speaking of Jeana being unwilling to pose for a photo with her, she said, "No, she is decent, she is a very nice person." She said that privately she and Jeana chatted and she believed that they could be friends. Cheung Woon Nga pointed out that the director earlier said that if this film passed 60 million he would skinny dip to celebrate. She said that although she did not know how to swim, if the film achieved such a performance she definitely would agree to skinny dip for audience appreciation.

Celia Kwok recently was accused of looking at beds with rumored boyfriend Cheung Kin Sing. She said that at the time she was testing beds. She did not expect him to get on it as well. She admitted that he was in pursuit of her but thought that he was not trying hard enough. More romance and humor would be the best.

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