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Anthony Wong loves to start fires, this time the targets are Chapman To and Pang Ho Cheung
Chapman To respects his elders and keeps his mouth shut despite Anthony Wong's criticism
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Earlier, Mainland Jia Xuanning criticized the Pang Ho Cheung directed VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) and was slammed in Hong Kong. Chapman To Man Jat not only blasted her on facebook but also deliberately held charity screenings to preserve local culture. To Man Jat after winning a Best Actor award naturally was louder, but seemingly not too many agreed.

Fellow Best Actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun perhaps was upset that To Man Jat was on the same level as him, earlier on the radio he called him and Director Pang cheap. In a discussion a reporter said that To Man Jat won Best Actor but no one won Best Actress. When Chau Sun was asked about the state of current actresses, he said, "Even someone like To Man Jat can win Best Actor, of course there is no actress to choose from! When he can be the lead actor, how do you choose? You tell me how?" Chau Sun watched VULGARIA but could not tolerate it anymore halfway through. He said, "It's very easy to make that movie, just get some girl to jump rope and you are done. Wow! Halfway through it I already couldn't take anymore, vulgar and crass beyond belief. It's too excessive!"

Chau Sun studied drama and was a film industry elder. No matter how To Man Jat's acting was, as a junior he finally kept his mouth shut, did not talk back to avoid a war of words over the air. To Man Jat was worthy of praise for behaving correctly. In comparison to the two year long "I don't know who Show Luo is" conflict he was much more cleaner.

Chau Sun earlier could not help but discipline To Man Jat and Pang Ho Cheung, saying that they could make whatever they wanted but they could not say that they represented the nucleus value of Hong Kong. This topic should not be in the hands of two "small time thugs" who thought their movie represented Hong Kong value. They truly were megalomaniacs; they should study more, talk less, and understand the Mainland ideology more.

Actors who won awards but were not recognized were nothing new. Every time when favorites lose and dark horses win, there are always voices of recognition and opposition. Since To Man Jat today might not have his elder's recognition, he should do his part and work hard to become a Best Actor who everyone would agree with. Conceivably no matter how hot tempered Chau Sun would be he still would give him the thumbs up.

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