Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lam Tsz Chung
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Diagnosed with cancer last year Cheung Tat Ming is actively treating it. Earlier he mentioned that due to chemotherapy he had metal poisoning and his right arm nerve was affected. Tat Ming's friend Lam Tsz Chung two nights ago attended a film event and revealed that Tat Ming's recovery progress has been ideal. Because he had a great appetite, his weight was already on the rise. He also often played cards at home for his finger agility. He wanted to play badminton. Only his skin was dark and awaited recovery.

Tat Ming was still recovering and his wife banned him from any night life. However he is already a TVB training class instructor and works behind the scene on films. He and Chubby Chung already wrote the film KING OF SHRIMP ROE NOODLE (HA JI MIN WONG) script and recently attracted several dozen investors. Chubby Chung said, "Tat Ming is very funny, as soon as he gets an idea he would call me. Sometimes he would send very long text messages, filled with good concepts." He planned to start work on the film in July and August and expected Tat Ming to return to play a backstabber. The shoot will accommodate and shoot during the day.

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