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Ekin Cheng, Ronny Yu, Yu Bo
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The Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed film SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) has a group of hunks like Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Yu Bo, Vic Chou Yu Man, Li Chen, Raymond Lam Fung, Wu Chun and Fu Xinbo. Yu Yun Tai said that this film will display the beautiful culture of Chinese benevolence to the younger generation; the fight scenes in the film focused on being real, solid and brutal. They were not superfluous at all. All the key actors wore armors, performed with real weapons and rode horses.

As the eldest son, Ekin almost fell off a horse during a battle scene. He recalled, "That time either I die or almost have to be cast again. At the time (Stephen) Tung Wai (action director) wanted to shoot a formation change and all the horses to move evenly, without using special effect they would wires. Yet during the shoot, the wires on a horse touched a cart and thus pulled away from its path. If I made up for it I would lose balance. I thought if I fell I would die because behind me were 300 horses. Maybe because every time before work we invited the Yang clan banner, I am not saying that I am superstitious but when I fell someone propped me up and I was fine." Did he get married after this near death experience? He said, "Not just that, people grow up and it is a responsibility. Life after marriage isn't too different, only thinking is widen and matter is handled more maturely."

Second son Yu Bo admitted that he and Ekin had the most scenes together and they were the closest. He praised Ekin and the director for taking care of him. He remembered that when Ekin discovered some lines were suitable for other brothers he would make the suggestion.

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