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Mrs. Chan unveils the photo that Tong Tong provided to the notebook
The over 5 meter tall Leslie Cheung bust has been at the Times Square , awaiting to be unveiled as fans folded origami cranes in preparation for breaking the world record

Mrs. Chan laments more when she sees a photo of her at work with Gor Gor
Gor Gor lies in the water in his favorite red shirt, without a care in the world
10th anniversary limited edition items
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The 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing is 5 days ago. In the past 3650 days, aside from fans his beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak and his manager Chan Suk Fun missed Gor Gor the most. Gor Gor left his final affairs in life for Mrs. Chan to handle, but over 10 years no one neither asked nor dared to whether back then how she was able to withstand this painful ending? 10 years later, Mrs. Chan spoke about her endless love with Gor Gor. Gor Gor and Tong Tong's intimate photo is also unveiled.

10 years ago on April Fool's Day April 1, everyone wished that it was only a joke but they must admit the fact that Cheung Kwok Wing has chosen to bid his farewell to the world. On that day, Chan Suk Fun originally planned to meet with Gor Gor at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel but received a call. Gor Gor told her that to wait for him to come downstairs at the hotel in 5 minutes. Mrs. Chan felt uneasy. Before Gor Gor arrived, she only heard a loud bang. Subconsciously she went over to the ambulance to find out the answer that she did not want to be true. After that, she handled the remaining matter for this superstar of a generation. That scene was not easy to forget in 10 years and she has not been able to either.

C: Chan Suk Fun, R: Reporter

Final Affair

R: Mrs. Chan, it's been 10 years. No one has ever asked. Have your emotions been settled?

C: Of course not. As long as Gor Gor is mentioned, that emotion comes. It can't be forgotten.

R: We understand that Gor Gor trusted Tong Tong and you the most in his life. Because he even left the final journey in his life to you, your relationship is already a relative.

C: If I am said to be a relative, I feel the term "our own people" would be more suitable. Because we were on the same boat, "our own people" who were intimate and shoulder to shoulder in battle. Our memories are truly numerous.

Absolutely No Third Party

R: Gor Gor asked you to handle his final journey in life and not Tong Tong. Reportedly a third party appeared between Gor Gor and Tong Tong and upset Gor Gor. Was that true?

C: Absolutely no third party appeared. Their relationship has always been great. He always worried the most about what would happen to Tong Tong if something happened to him. Their relationship did not change. Gor Gor left the matter to me because he deeply believed that only I was able to be strong enough to organize his perfect funeral.

Looking Back Together, With the Same Smile and Look

Mrs. Chan almost broke down over the entire matter. When she thought of Leslie watching her handling his funeral, she firmly held onto this belief to complete the most perfect period for her "own person". Mrs. Chan even displayed a very memorable photo of Tong Tong and Gor Gor. In the photo they both looked back, with the same smile, look and gesture. The reporter also lamented "Does the world truly have a couple with such chemistry?" Although now only Tong Tong is left, actually they have already become one long ago. Tong Tong back then wrote "Everything comes to an end, this unbroken love has no end" to remember Gor Gor. 10 years later he quoted Su Shi's OF JINLING. "Ten years living and dead have drawn apart, I do nothing to remember but I cannot forget. Life is unpredictable, only love is forever. Let us continue to miss Cheung Kwok Wing. Tong Hok Tak". The few words were actually the memory of Tong Tong spending 3650 nights alone over 10 years. For this 10th anniversary, he chose this photo for the Miss You Much Leslie notebook to share with you who love Gor Gor.

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