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Louis Koo keeps his eyes to himself
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Joe Chen
Louis Koo has no comment about his romantic rumor
Joe Chen's tweet
Christine Kuo apologizes to Lynn Xiong for her poor choice of words at Aaron Kwok's concert
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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Taiwan "idol series queen" Joe Chen Qiao-En were revealed to be secretly in love for two years but are on the brink of a break up due to her jealousy over otaku goddess Michelle Chen. After the rumor surfaced, Koo Tin Lok faced the press for the first time. He neither admitted nor denied it.

Yesterday Koo Tin Lok and Christine Kuo attended a Shenzhen shoe event. Goo Jai seemed unaffected and even prepared for the press. When asked to confirm the rumor, he said, "I have no comment. I have always kept a low profile on my love life. Like Papa says, talk less work more." Goo Jai's answer seemed to differ from his past rumor responses, as he was used to "Since it's not true, I have no comment!" This time he did not say "it's not true", leading to even more speculation.

Some said that Goo Jai liked Chen Qiao-En for her naivety and her character. Because of work they were separated, Chen Qiao-En would make time to be together; when Goo Jai was working on INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN) in Thailand, Chen Qiao-En visited the set; Goo Jai would also sneak to Taiwan to visit her. Two years ago Chen Qiao-En already appeared at Goo Jai's birthday party and saw him as the one who she would marry. As for the cold war rumor, some said that it had nothing to do with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu playing matchmaker to Goo Jai and Michelle Chen. Goo Jai had no feeling for Michelle Chen. Chen Qiao-En and Goo Jai only argued over minor couple matters and did not break up as rumored!

Yesterday Goo Jai had no comment about the rumor. He was only willing to say aside from his mother he has not given women's shoes to another woman. His family has not rushed him to wed either, as his Mama wouldn't ask.

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