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Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung performed together before and said that they would have been good partners now
Leslie Cheung treated Karen Mok like a niece
Sandy Lam and Leung Tai
Kit Chan
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On a morning radio program, radio DJ Leung Tai interviewed several of Gor Gor's friends in the business like Alan Tam Wing Lun, Sandy Lam Yik Lin, and Karen Mok Man Wai.

Alan and Gor Gor were rivals back then, their fans even attacked each other in a blood feud. Alan on the program recalled when he and Gor Gor both chose pink suits to attend the Tokyo Music Festival. As Alan was trying to figure out a resolution, Gor Gor joked, "What is there to be afraid of! Just pretend we are Team Hong Kong!" Gor Gor was very gracious and shared a mutual admiration with Alan. Alan lamented that if Gor Gor was still alive, they now might be good partners.

Alan also revealed that a few weeks before Gor Gor's passing he invited him and Nat Chan Pak Cheung to his home. Alan recalled, "He invited us to his home for afternoon tea. He said at the time he was moving but had a lot of koi in his pool, he asked us what to do. Finally he gave the koi fishes to Ah Lek." Speaking of Ah Lek admitting on another program that he criticized Gor Gor publicly before and revealed that when he visited Gor Gor at home Gor Gor asked Ah Lek why he attacked him. Although Alan had no impression, Gor Gor's direct personality was thoroughly on display.

Close with Gor Gor, Mok Man Wai said that when Gor Gor participated in the RTV singing contest, she at age 8 presented flowers to him. She said, "I still remember that. At the time he wore a white suite and was really very handsome." When Karen joined the business and worked with Gor Gor on a movie, Karen told him. Gor Gor joked, "Then I am your uncle." Later she was a guest at Gor Gor's concert, sang a love song with Gor Gor and even kissed him for over 20 nights. Karen admitted that Gor Gor was very helpful to younger generations and treated her like a niece. Thus she still often thinks of Gor Gor. Lam Yik Lin described Gor Gor as someone who truly resembled an "older brother". He often lectured younger generations. She also praised his professionalism and treated people with sincerity.

Kit Chan Kit Ling who played mahjong with Cheung Kwok Wing said, "We used to play together all the time, even Tong Hok Tak. We also played mahjong together. we not only joked around but also chatted about personal stuff."

Chan Kit Ling also said that Gor Gor at the start of his career was both "immature" and "ambitious". Because their manager was Chan Suk Fun, they sang two songs together. Chan Kit Ling also revealed that Gor Gor taught her to sing. "Because back then English songs had a deep influence on me, my singing was rougher. However Gor Gor was very tender. When we recorded , he and I would talk about how to handle the love song." Chan Kit Ling also knew about Gor Gor's depression and felt that his passing had some advanced signs.

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