Friday, March 29, 2013


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The two show Michael Hui Koon Man stand up comedy war of the genders added material edition two nights ago kicked off at the Hong Kong City Hall. During the performance, Hui Koon Man's grandchildren presented flower on the stage and even danced Gangnam Style with him. Their relationships were very harmonious. Hui Koon Man even joked about the difference between the genders and taught ways for them to get along.

Although before the show he had the flu and his voice was still hoarse, he was satisfied with his first show. The most meaningful was being able to help Mainland cataract sufferers. The first show raised over HK$3.8 million for the charity organization Project Vision, at least 10,000 Mainland cataract patients will benefit; Hui Koon Man said that the sum not only will be able to help the patients but also the medical equipment transport and instructing local doctors on their use. Saving one person meant reducing the burden on the entire family. He said that after two shows he will not perform more for now. He performed for interest and hoped to do so once a year. After years away from him, he revealed that in July he will work on Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum)'s new film and play Wong Cho Nam's boss.

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