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Nanako Matsushima
Lok Jeh was like the subject of MONICA, as her position exceeded that of a maid
Leslie Cheung fell in love at first sight with Teresa Mo.  Soon after meeting her he already proposed to her with flowers.  If she agreed back then his life might have changed.
Anita Mui spent five hours to rehearse with an ailing Leslie Cheung in his room when they performed in Malaysia, an expression of loyalty and care.  She was a true friend.
Mr. Tong is the person Leslie Cheung loves the most aside from his mother.
Chan Suk Fun asks Leslie Cheung how much salary he wants.  He feels salary is unimportant as he needs to release songs.

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Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has never fulfilled the director dream. Veteran screen writer Lam Kei To who worked with Gor Gor on the film BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN) two nights ago revealed on internet radio that Gor Gor was interested in making a romantic comedy in 2003 and even planned to invite Japanese star Nanako Matsushima to work together. He said, "I know that Gor Gor back then thought about working with a Japanese production company and getting Nanako to be the lead actress. In the film Gor Gor was someone who the entire world thought was gay. In Hong Kong he ran into Nanako and finally everyone was wrong as he developed a romantic love story with Nanako. He knew Gor Gor at the time already had a second draft, the preparation was smooth."

As for Gor Gor's other plan of directing the film version of THE YOUNG CONCUBINE (NGOR GA DIK NUI YUN) with Anita Mui Yim Fong as a co-director who would have been responsible for the acting directions, Lam Kei To said, "Although Ah Mui was sick at the time, Gor Gor often convinced her to fulfill the director dream."

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