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Gor fans see a butterfly in their midst, as if Gor Gor is cheering them on
Mrs. Chan and fans from around the world folded origami cranes for days in order to break the record
Origami cranes from fans around the world have to go through Guinness official inspection before being placed into a box as recorded
The 5 meter tall Leslie Cheung bust is already to make its official appearance today
Danny Chan and Leslie Cheung both made a name for themselves in 80s music, but due to comparison their friendship was stymied.
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April 1 will be the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. "Gor fans" from around the world have arrived in Hong Kong to express that they have never forgotten this superstar of a generation after 10 years. "Gor fans" today will witness the birth of a Guinness World Record for the "largest origami crane exhibit". Chan Suk Fun revealed that each of the origami crane that fans around the world have folded has been examined. Hopefully they will reach Gor Gor's birth date September 12, 1956 (1,956,912) so the world could confirm his fans' love for him.

Cheung Kwok Wing's manager Chan Suk Fun after completing the perfect funeral at Gor Gor's request 10 years ago, 10 years later although her sorrow remained she organized the Miss you Much Leslie Exhibition and two different format Miss You Much Leslie memorial concerts in order to present a gift to Gor Gor and to return favorite to the fans on behalf of Gor Gor.

Fans around the world started an origami crane folding operation to present well wishes to Gor Gor. Mrs. Chan due to fan requests became everyone's organizer to apply for the Guinness World Record of the largest origami crane exhibit with almost 2 million origami cranes. Yesterday was already the final push as fans took turns overnight to complete this marathon of a mission at Times Square.

"Gor fans" would like the origami crane number to reach Cheung Kwok Wing's birth date 1,956,912 (September 12, 1956) as a permanent memory, thus everyone put an effort into picking up the baton. Yesterday many overseas fans who just arrived in Hong Kong already rapidly dragged their luggage to Times Square to help. For awhile due to too many fans the venue ran out of chairs. Fans had to sit on the ground but did not mind because everyone had the same belief -- to reach the goal in order to present a gift for Gor Gor.

When asked whether the record was within reach, Mrs. Chan said, "Everything will depend of the official Guinness announcement. We look forward to this moment very much. Fans even hoped the origami crane number will be able to reach Gor Gor's birth date. Their love for Leslie truly touched me very much."

Mrs. Chan revealed that the Miss You Much Leslie exhibition at Times Square will have an advanced media day today. Tomorrow to May 1 it will be open to the public for them to relive this superstar of a generation's mesmerizing glory. The exhibit theme will be Cheung Kwok Wing's music, stage and movies, the exhibition will have different sections that will not only play Gor Gor's exciting music and movies but also his past show business awards and his costumes on the stage.

Last night as the origami crane near its end, fans suddenly roared as they saw a beautiful butterfly danced at the venue for almost 10 minutes. Finally it flew to the giant box where the origami cranes were placed and vanished. Fans were amazed and certain that Gor Gor came to cheer them on in the form of a butterfly. Coincidentally or not, Gor fans were already very moved.

Cheung Kwok Wing's career as he said was not always smooth. When he first started he was already jeered. He thought his first film was a comedy but turned out to be a category III film as he was forced to bear the blemish. As for his singing career, Gor Gor ran into two "nemeses", Danny Chan Pak Keung at the beginning and Alan Tam Wing Lung at his career peak. However Gor Gor's personally only made him stronger, he was able to overcome one obstacle after another and reached the top of his career.

Yesterday morning, radio host Yu Yi Fat played Cheung Kwok Wing's 1985 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY radio interview. Gor Gor in first person narrated his childhood, school, love and show business experience. He even told the origin of his rivalry with Chan Pak Keung and the three most important woman in his life.

Gor Gor in 1977 began with a RTV singing contest. In 1981 when he joined Capital Artists, released WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW (FUNG GAI JOOK CHUI) he finally began to rise. In 1985 he performed his first solo concert, 10 shows that broke the first time concert show numbers for a singer. At the time Gor Gor's career began to enter its golden age, he remembered that he ran into Chan Pak Keung the first time at a restaurant. Danny took the initiative to come over and told him, "Many people say we are alike." Since then they knew each other. After work Danny would occasionally look for Gor Gor and played for him unreleased songs that he wrote. Gor Gor chose his favorite, which was Danny's claim to fame TEARS ARE SHED FOR YOU (NGAN LUI WAI NEI LAU).

Gor Gor admitted that Danny's singing career was above his for a very long time and they were continuously compared. He felt that their competition for fame and fortune was very important. Thus when their film ON TRIAL (SUT YIP SUN) was released he announced to the media that he would never work with Danny again. Gor Gor said, "I don't need to be compared to him again, which would only make both decline. I only need to be compared to yesterday's Cheung Kwok Wing." Since then they never worked together again and only ran into each other occasionally at award shows.

Gor Gor even revealed that after joining show business someone of mixed heritage swindled him out of "love and money". He even described the person as a con person. Even his family's money was almost lost. To him it was a huge insult. He gave people love but was hurt by them with it.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Commercial Radio tomorrow and the day after will post two never before shown concerts on their page for "Gor fans" to remember their idols. The two concerts included Cheung Kwok Wing's 2000 903 id club concert and the 2003 Continue Leslie Cheung concert with Alan Tam Wing Lun, Anita Mui Yim Fong, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Sandy Lam Yik Lin, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Andy Hui Chi On, Karen Mok Man Wai, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Eason Chan Yik Shun and Edison Chen Koon Hei.

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