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Shi Nansun, Chan Suk Fun
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This year will be the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. His manager Chan Suk Fun held a series of memorial events. Starting on the 29th an exhibit will display Cheung Kwok Wing's work over the years and sell memorabilia. Also on display will the 2 million origami cranes from fans around the world. The event has applied for the Guinness World Records for the largest origami crane exhibit in the world. On the March 31 a concert will take place, Hong Kong's four major electronic media and television stations around the world will air it live or the next night. Taiwan and Japan will have cinema simultaneous broadcast.

Cheung Kwok Wing's friend Daffy Tong Hok Tak was willing to loan Gor Gor's Japan Film Critic Association Best Actor award for FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE (BA WONG BIT GEI). Back then Gor Gor in order to play this role well spent a lot of effort on studying Beijing Opera and Mandarin in Beijing. Unfortunately he did not win any award in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. However he won one in Japan, his first international film award. Thus it was very valuable.

Gor Gor's valuable prize will be on display at the 20th anniversary FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE charity screening on April 1, then the Red Mission "the art of Leslie Cheung" film art exhibit at the Central Library from April 2 to 6. Because Tong Tong valued this award very much, the events will have security with it everyday. The borrower through Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun issued a document of promise to Tong Tong to return the award after the exhibits ended.

Reportedly fans over a year ago already asked television program host Wang Man Ling to borrow it from Tong Tong. At the time Tong Tong immediately agreed. Wang Man Ling said, "Tong Tong said that whoever was responsible for borrowing would be the one to return it. I was reluctant myself. Because the award was glass, I had a lot of psychological pressure. The award so far hasn't been in my hands yet. Tong Tong will present it through Mrs. Chan to me to give to the fans." A fan learned that Tong Tong promised to loan out the award and went to where Tong Tong often played badminton to ask him if he truly agreed. The fan was very touched to hear Tong Tong's promise and sensed Tong Tong's love for Gor Gor.

Chan Suk Fun earlier said on a Cable Entertainment News station program that she has dreamed of Cheung Kwok Wing many times and talked about a lot in her dream. She felt that he had something that he wanted her to do. Shi Nansun revealed that after Cheung Kwok Wing retreated he began to study director courses. As expected, after a week of class he stopped because it was too dull. They praised how honestly Cheung Kwok Wing treated people. He would greet all of the workers. Even when someone hurt him, he would very quickly forgive him or her.

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