Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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Louis Fan is working hard, perhaps to raise money to wed JJ Jia?
ATV's Philip Keung and TVB's Grace Wong work together on a rare occasion
Grace Wong has a rape scene in her new film
Rose Chan witnesses Max Zhang's kung fu and calls him amazing
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Louis Fan Siu Wong, Rose Chan Ka Wun, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Philip Keung Ho Men, Jazz Lam Tsz Sin participated in a series of kung fu films that Sharon Yeung Pan Pan produced, GWUN FUT NIN DOI (WARLORD AGE), LUEN SAI CHOOK YING HUNG (CHAOS MAKES HEROES), JUNG GA TEET MA LAU (REAL FAKE IRON MONKEY), YUNG JEH NO GUI (THE BRAVE HAS NO FEAR), and SIU NIN DONG JI KEUNG (YOUTH SHOULD BE STRENGTHEN THEMSELVES). Yesterday a press conference was held. Fan Siu Wong described working with Chan Ka Wun again as a reunion, but in the film he had a romance with Wong Kwan Hing. He said, "Wong Kwan Hing was very nervous about her first reactionary bullet scene. I said that once the reactionary bullets blew open my skin. After hearing that she was even more worried."

Chan Ka Wun and Max Zhang Jun had many fight scenes, witnessing for the first his amazing skills. "Luckily he was willing to accommodate me, I avoided injuries." Due to the intense production pace, Chan Ka Wun tied up her hair for two days in a row without washing it.

Wong Kwan Hing revealed that the scene had a rape scene. She liked the girl in the story and the role's potential, so she decided to take it.

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