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Retired show businesss sexy goddess Chingmy Yau  makes a rare public appearance and  has an even rarer interview with the press
Shum Ka Wai is too shy to be on camera with his wife but still shops with her
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Sexy goddess Chingmy Yau Suk Ching after marriage retired from show business to focus on her family. Two nights ago she attended a fashion pop up store cocktail party as the boss lady. She and husband Shum Ka Wai welcomed the label CEO and executives.

Yau Suk Ching did a rare interview and said, "It's been awhile, I miss everyone very much!" She said that this time she attended not to support her husband but because she has always liked the label. She even humbly said that she was not qualified to model. Speaking of the recent series of family tragedies, Yau Suk Ching was very surprised. "I have heard PhDs say that infant vaccine made the new generations of boys more susceptible to autism and girls to emotional problems. I feel the government should examine the six in one vaccine procedure. Now it's for 6 to 10 pound babies even if they are newborns. Actually even how many times the medicine has been shaken makes a difference. When children use so much energy to battle so many germs they would have fevers. If the nerves in their brains are out of whack, parents wouldn't know."

Yau Suk Ching worried that her daughter would have emotional problems during adolescence. Will she have another baby? Yau Suk Ching said, "I am so busy, why would I have another?" When asked if her older daughter was dating, Yau Suk Ching was surprised and said, "Wow! Not Yet! I try not to tell my daughters about suicides because they are too scary. I am afraid that they would remember, when they run into some unpleasantness they would get the idea." She cherished her before bed chats with her daughters and understood her daughters more through communication.

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